Friday, 12 September 2014

Lorraine Carey

We welcome Lorraine Carey to our ranks! Lorraine Carey is a veteran Children’s Reading Specialist, Teacher and Author. She has written a short memoir and three novels for tweens to young adults which feature a male hero. All of them are part historical fiction with fantasy peppered with the Paranormal.

Jonathan’s Locket, is a heartwarming tale with a mix of Historical Fiction,Fantasy,Time Slips and  the Paranormal. The story revolves around the famous Wreck of the Ten Sails which occurred off of Grand Cayman in 1794. Jonathan Palmer, a young stowaway was on one of the ships that went down. Some two hundred years later a troubled teen on Grand Cayman is mysteriously drawn to the waters in the area of the wreck site. 

Read more about her, her work and Jonathan's Locket on her dedicated author page.

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