Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Last Vestal Virgin

Lorraine Carey has just published: The Last Vestal Virgin

Christina Ciccone didn't feel ready to leave this lifetime. Raised in a strict Italian-American home, she felt surrounded by love and pampered like a princess. So why had she experienced nightmares and panic attacks for so many years? She didn't know that she had another family, from another lifetime, waiting for her.

Christina recently graduated from high school and had big plans for college. While enjoying a trip to Rome with her history club, the strange nightmares return and she is faced with bizarre encounters while touring many of the ancient ruins, causing her to become quite ill. She is faced with powerful supernatural forces when one Roman goddess and her priestesses decide this would be Christina’s last trip.

The story, with many fascinating facts on the Rome’s Vestal Virgin, climaxes with a shocking Paranormal twist.

Get it now on Amazon for $3.08 (£1.97) - amzn.to/1ro6v9W

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